Handling The Situation After Finding Out That Your Child Has Difficulty In Speaking

As a parent we totally understand if there are times that you feel frustrated because your kid does not talk the way other kids do. Have you noticed that your kid is going through some developmental delays and is having challenges interacting with others? We do understand where you are coming from so we have prepared a couple of tips that can help you deal with the situation

Bring your kid to the doctor- if you suspect that something is wrong with your son or daughters behaviour and responses then you need to see a developmental pediatrician who can help you assess the situation. Doctors have to check if you kid suffers from hearing issues, cerebral palsy and other abnormalities before coming up with a specific diagnosis. Before they advise parent to enrol their kids to speech therapy Newcastle for children, they have to make sure the diagnosis is accurate.

Never self diagnose or self-medicate- Some parents who have older kids try to self diagnose their children’s case which can harm their kids. We understand that you maybe worried about the welfare of your children it is best to trust the professionals.

Teach your id how to speak- You can invest or create your own audio visual learning materials such as charts, flashcards, white board and you can download several educational child-friendly videos that can help your kid start talking. This can be done a few hours a day.

Do not baby talk your kid- Most parents find it cute and adorable to baby talk their kids. Yes, it looks and sounds cute but it does not help them with their speech. Remember that kids imitate what they see and hear and they may think that baby talk is normal that could be one of the reasonable why they are having difficulty expressing themselves verbally.

Enrol your kid in special classes- If you as a parent feels frustrated because of your kids’ speech delay, your kid may also feel that way. They may get teased a lot b y kids of the same age and they tend to become more shy and feel insecure. That is why attending speech therapy classes 3-5 times a week will help your kid in a lot of aspects. Delayed speech may be challenging for your kid and the rest of the family members. But if you want your kid to get over this tough situation make sure to show him/her your unconditional love and support. Also encourage other family members to work as one.

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